Article Formatter

If you are sick and tired of articles you receive not formatting correctly or displaying weird characters when you place them into your blog, article formatter may help.

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   Email Fix (Remove word wrapping)   Word Document Fix (Remove invalid characters)

What is Article Formatter?

There is nothing more frustrating as a blogger, writer and editor to receive a Microsoft Word document or an Open Office document, and place it into your Wordpress blog only to see a ton of invalid characters. This is an issue with how Microsoft Word documents and Wordpress handle special characters like apostrophes, quotation marks and dashes. Microsoft Word uses a system called Windows-1252 while Wordpress uses UTF-8. If you try to place a Word document directly into a Wordpress post, these special characters can reek havoc on the article, especially during Wordpress updates leaving funny looking characters in the middle of your articles. The best way to solve this is to make sure that all the invalid characters are switched from the Windows-1252 format to the UTF-8 format. This is exactly what article formatter does. It strips out all the Word characters and replaces them with Wordpress characters so that you won't get any of the strange looking characters in the middle of your articles. This saves you countless hours of going through article after article replacing these characters by hand.

In addition, if you receive articles by email, they can often not format correctly when placed into Wordpress with line breaks in the incorrect places. Article formatter will take care of these breaks so that the article appears with the correct formatting saving you time of having to do it all by hand.